Cop Finds Missing Dog After 17 Months. But When He Calls Owners, They Think It’s A Cruel Prank

by Jess Butler
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Wesley was the Cruz family’s beloved golden retriever. Sadly, he went missing just a few days before superstorm Sandy back in 2012. Miguel and Myra Cruz approached their 12-year-old son, Sebastian, with the devastating news and then began to look for their pet.

The Hillsborough, NJ, family looked everywhere for their best friend once the storm had passed. Unfortunately, Wesley was nowhere to be found.

Then 17 months later, something unbelievable happened.

The Cruz family received a phone call — on April Fools’ day, of course. It was the police department from West Windsor, NJ, calling to tell them that Wesley had been found.

The family was in disbelief, considering what day it was. They thought that the phone call couldn’t possibly be real and a cruel joke was being played on them.

The police told them that they responded to a call about a stray dog and Wesley hopped right in their car, as if we was expecting a ride back home. They compared his microchip and determined that the golden retriever belonged to the Cruz family.

Luckily, the family realized that the date was just a coincidence and it wasn’t a prank. It was finally time to take home their missing dog.

When they arrived at the station, an officer walked through a red door, led by an excited Wesley. Just the sight of his family after not seeing them for 17 months made him go nuts.

Just as the Cruz family never gave up on their search for their dog, it seemed as if Wesley never gave up on finding them either.

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