Welsh Choir’s “World Class” Performance Of “The Prayer” On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

by Caroline Bayard
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How much talent can possibly fit on the Britain’s Got Talent stage?

The “Kingdom Tenors” tested their luck with 12 men when they took the stage this season, singing an impeccable cover of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up,” much to the judges’ delight.

In the past, bigger choirs like this group of extremely talented 133 male teenagers from Wales known as “Only Boys Aloud,” have been highly praised by the judges and showed the more voices, the better, when it comes to BGT performances. However, it’s hard to sell a choir of this many people as the next “big thing.”

That’s exactly why it was so incredible when another Welsh choir known as “Côr Glanaethwy” took the stage in this audition and left all four of the judges on their feet, cheering. In this next clip, the incredible 162-member choir, who range from about 7–80, give the audience and judges another goosebumps-inducing audition.

We’ve heard the song “The Prayer” covered by just about everyone who can really sing, but I have to agree with judge Simon Cowell in this next clip when he tells Côr Glanaethwy, “Wow. I’ve never heard that song sung like that before.”

The other judges agreed that the choir might just accomplish something that’s never been done and win the entire competition. After being brought to tears by this next performance, I have to agree.

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