Family Snaps A Hysterical Photo Every Christmas. 12 Years Later, Their Album Is Too Funny

by Angel Chang
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Christmas is a time rife with merry traditions. Most families have very particular traditions that they like to revisit each year, however ridiculous or funny they may be.

For example, most parents would probably want to wait with their kids for a turn with Santa, like this dad who took adorable photos of his baby with Father Christmas himself.

Other families, like the Bergerons, prefer to take annual Christmas photos in which they pose in the silliest and most bizarre costumes.

Parents Mike and Laura have posted 12 years’ worth of awesome photos on Imgur for us all to see.

Many of their characters take us back two, three decades, and some even emulate famous works of American art, celebrities, and popular musicians.

Upon first glance, they might seem quite strange. But in the end, you’ll realize that they were created out of joyful holiday cheer!

Scroll further to take a look at these hilarious Christmas photos, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Crazy Christmas family photos

For more than a decade, the Bergeron family has endeavored to create hilariously entertaining Christmas photos each year.

Since 2003, Mike and Laura have been making their annual trip to JCPenney to have their cards made.


Crazy Christmas family photos

After posting 12 years’ worth of Christmas photos on the Internet, the parents and jokesters have received hundreds of comments and replies.

“I want to know these people!” many of the viewers have said.


Crazy Christmas family photos

Other commenters have remarked that the couple look quite similar to characters portrayed on the popular sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

“It stands to reason, I’ve been watching SNL my whole life!” said Mike.


Crazy Christmas family photos

For the most part, the pair donned outfits and hairstyles reminiscent of past decades.


Crazy Christmas family photos

A few years ago, they decided to tweak their aesthetic and recreated American Gothic, the iconic 1930 painting by Grant Wood.


Crazy Christmas family photos

“Merry Krishnas!” exclaimed one of their cards, in which they portrayed well-wishers of the Hindu faith.


Crazy Christmas family photos

“We take these photos at JCPenney, and my wife was worried that we might get in some trouble being dressed up like [gang members],” Mike wrote. “I told her, ‘Seriously? Look at us… no one is going to mess with us. We look pretty scary.’ Sure enough, people didn’t even make eye contact with us.”


Crazy Christmas family photos

In 2010, they were blessed with a gorgeous baby girl — and certainly had fun including her in their costumed tradition!


Crazy Christmas family photos

A year after that, they dazzled and confused us with their well-applied uni-brows.


Crazy Christmas family photos

“I am blessed with a beautiful family and a sense of humor,” Mike wrote. That year, he dressed up as Robert Smith, lead singer of rock band the Cure.


Crazy Christmas family photos

More recently, they went with a glittery ’80s theme, and looked as if they were all ready to do some aerobic exercises.


Crazy Christmas family photos

Last Christmas, the Bergerons crossed-dressed, and even got a good pose from the kids!

Hopefully they’ll share with us this year’s hilarious family photo!

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