Divorcée Grandma Is Sick Of Being Overweight, So She Transforms By Eating 80 Eggs A Week

by Emerald Pellot
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Kim Wright, a grandmother of three from Yorkshire, England, believes she reached an all-time low after divorcing her husband. She became depressed about her appearance when she saw herself in a photo wearing a bikini.

“I became so unhealthy and it wasn’t until a holiday last year when I decided something needed to change,” she told SWNS in 2016.

Determined to shed the extra pounds, she signed up for a gym despite feeling uncomfortable among the other patrons.

“I saw a leaflet about a £9.99 gym and I thought this was my chance,” she said. “I felt so out of place, but I got a free personal trainer and started working out and gradually the weight started naturally coming off.”

Eventually she began lifting weights with bodybuilders and changing her diet. The five-foot-tall gran dropped 32 pounds. She now eats six high-protein meals a day, including 80 eggs a week. Kim transformed so much that she entered a bikini contest at 55 years old.

“My granddaughters laughed at me at first and thought I was bonkers for even trying, but when they saw me building muscle, they encouraged nanny to enter a competition,” she said.

Kim was feeling better than ever. Stripping down to the bikini was a pivotal moment that showed how far her self-esteem had come. She snagged the reward for second place.

“As soon as I slipped on my bikini, I felt empowered. To think I used to be so ashamed of my body, and now I can’t wait to get on a stage again,” she said. “I’m proof that over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t don a bikini and look fantastic.”

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