Bride Was ‘Big’ When She Met Him, But Totally Transforms On Her Wedding Day

by Emerald Pellot
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Bridie Ritchie from Australia, knew that she was gaining weight from eating unhealthy foods. When she met her boyfriend, Michael, she describes herself as having been “big.”

Michael didn’t care about Bridie’s size, but it remained a concern for her. She was steadily gaining weight. As a busy hairdresser, she never had time to prepare a meal and would grab whatever unhealthy treat was available to her.

She spent $100 per week on snacks alone.

“We showed our affection through food, constantly sharing takeaways and eating out,” Bridie says. “I’d look in the mirror every day and knew I needed to get control of the situation,” she said.

With encouragement from a friend, Bridie underwent gastric sleeve surgery. While many regarded it as “cheating,” the adjustment was huge for Bridie who still had to resist the temptation to eat unhealthy snacks, and instead eat tiny, pureed portions.

“It wasn’t a quick solution. I loved food, especially Maccas, and my new diet was like slop,” she said. “Dinner was my biggest downfall. I loved eating large portions of pasta, bread, and rice. One full-sized plate wasn’t never usually enough, so I’d often help myself to seconds.”

A few days after Bridie underwent the surgery, Michael proposed. By the time her wedding day came around she had lost nearly half her body weight, about 132 pounds.

“All I wanted was to feel amazing inside and out on my big day. When I went shopping for my wedding dress, I was really worried that nothing would look good, but I surprised myself,” she said. “Before, I’d worry about people judging me when I was out eating in public, but not anymore. I feel so much more confident.”

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