Hidden Camera Catches Thief Grabbing Precious Wedding Photos Before Returning Them A Week Later

by Kat Manos
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Porch pirates were all the rage this past holiday season. So many brazen thieves taking unmarked packages right off innocent people’s doorsteps were caught on camera, with few of the homeowners getting their packages returned.

The Hale family in Orange County, California, experienced the worst type of porch pirate: the kind that steals the irreplaceable gift of wedding photos.

At the residence in question, a hidden camera by the front door caught the porch pirate, believed to be a woman, stealing the packages in broad daylight right off the doorstep only days before Christmas.

Brittany Hale, who recently got married, had made precious collages and enlarged photos of her wedding for her parents this Christmas season.

She sent them through the mail so they’d arrive in time for the holidays.

Once they were stolen, the family was devastated. “I broke down into tears because I was so sad. I put too much time into those photo collages,” Brittany said.

Brittany decided to post surveillance footage of the incident on Facebook with a plea that the photos be returned, hoping that someone might be compassionate enough to report the thief.

Then, on New Year’s Eve, the hidden camera on that porch captured something else: the thief had returned with the photos in their original boxes before quickly disappearing.

Turned out the thief wasn’t that much of a grinch after all!

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Thumbnail Photo: Inside Edition

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