Annoyed Wedding Photographer Teaches Bride’s Stepmom A Lesson When She Gets In Way Of First Kiss

by Amy Paige
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While Josh and Lorna said their vows at their Kentucky wedding, the photographer they hired was hard at work trying to capture each and every special moment.

The wedding photographer, Ashley Easterling, says she had to kindly ask Lorna’s stepmom to step aside several times during the ceremony.

But as soon as Josh and Lorna were pronounced husband and wife and went to seal their vows with a kiss, the stepmom moved into Ashley’s shot. She tried to take her own picture with her cellphone, blocking Ashley’s view of the happy couple in the process.

Family member or not, Ashley was not about to let her to ruin the infamous first kiss photo.

So she elbowed the bride’s stepmother, shoving her aside during the crucial moment.

The bride, Lorna, posted the incident on her Facebook page, where it went viral.

Some say it’s hilarious; others say it’s downright awkward. But it looks like most viewers are on the photographer’s side, defending her actions since she was simply trying to do what she was paid to do and handled it accordingly. “Kudos to the photographer,” one Facebook commenter wrote. “I am a professional photographer and the biggest obstacle I see is over zealous family members jumping up at the worst moment, blocking me trying to get shots that most likely will be blurred, improperly composed or just plain simple. Then they have the audacity to have attitude with you when you tell them that you are the paid photographer.

“I wish there was a ‘pics from your seat only’ PSA at any wedding with a pro photographer.”

See the awkward wedding moment for yourself in the clip below.

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