Couple Poses For Wedding Photo, But The Jealous Best Man On The Right Steals The Spotlight

by Jess Butler
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When planning your own wedding, there is so much that has to be done. Between inviting guests, finding the perfect dress, and booking a venue fit for all your friends and family, any wedding can turn into a big job.

In the end, it’s the memories that make it all worthwhile. Every wedding photo captures a moment from the celebration to be remembered forever.

When Brittney and Kody took a wedding photo together, they included their best man, Mitch.

Mitch and Kody had been best friends for seven years. It seems that he just wasn’t ready to see his best friend go. So, he decided to let his feelings show during the beautiful outdoor photo shoot. In fact, this wasn’t the first picture they took like this.

With a jealous pose and some clever letters written on his shoes, Mitch really stole the show— and his friends’ thunder — in the wedding photo.

Keep scrolling to see what this best man does in the couple’s wedding photo that has people all over the internet in stitches!

Brittney and Kody kiss.

Meet the newlyweds, Brittney and Kody! The high school sweethearts posed for a beautiful wedding photo on the grass, but the smaller details truly turned it into a big deal.

The couple poses

Brittney wore boots with the words “I won” written on the soles, but there was much more to this picture than meets the eye.

Mitch poses for wedding photo.

This is Mitch, the best man, who posed on the right of the photo. He has a girlfriend of his own named Bree, but for this photo shoot, he was the heartbroken best man. He couldn’t handle saying goodbye to his best friend during their wedding photo shoot.

Wait until you see his hilarious expression, as well as the best part: the soles of his shoes.

Now, this incredible wedding photo is going viral, especially after Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography posted it on Facebook.

Just like the bride had “I won” written on her shoes, the best man had “Shut up” written on his!

It seems that this trio had taken a very similar photo before.

Here, in a photo from their engagement shoot, the bride’s boots say “I do,” while Mitch’s feet say “N’T”, which spells out “I don’t”.

This photo was also shared in the Facebook post. It was the inspiration for the now infamous wedding photo, which serves as an update to show how Mitch is doing.

The final wedding photo.

In the end, Mitch handled his best friend’s marriage in the best way possible, by using humor and bringing smiles to the faces of others.

The couple, Mitch, and Country Roads Photography plan on doing a few follow-ups for when Brittney and Kody get pregnant, as well as when Mitch proposes to his girlfriend. I can’t wait to see those pictures!

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