Firefighter Wades Into Waist-Deep Flood In House, Realizes His Fiancée’s Wedding Dress Is Dry

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Hurricane Harvey has become one of the most devastating natural disasters in my lifetime.

Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes due to the storm.

Once they returned, many found that they lost their home and everything inside to floods and fires.

Despite all the horrible news this hurricane brought, there have been some shining moments in the darkness.

Strangers have been risking their own lives to save others.

Celebrities have donated millions to recovery efforts.

And one firefighter in Texas, who put his wedding on hold while saving lives, has a few things to be thankful for, despite his flooded home.

Keep scrolling to learn the stunning discovery Texas firefighter Kyle Parry made after he returned to his home, which had been ruined by Hurricane Harvey.

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According to CNN, Kyle Parry, a firefighter in Texas, and his fiancée Stephanie, who lives in Ontario, Canada, were planning getting ready for their wedding, which was only a week away when Hurricane Harvey hit.

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Unfortunately, the hurricane interrupted their plans.

Kyle in uniform

Kyle lives in Lumberton, Texas. CNN reports that his home had missed the worst part of the storm, so the 35-year-old spent days working back-to-back shifts saving others from the floodwaters.

flooded texas

But as things got worse and floodwaters began pouring into his home, Kyle knew he needed to evacuate. He took his two dogs and their six puppies, and got out of there.


Before rushing from the home, Kyle placed Stephanie’s wedding dress on the top shelf of a closet. He hoped that might keep it dry.

Kyle's flooded home

After a few days, Kyle and a friend returned to Kyle’s home. He told CNN, “I got out of the boat and I am neck-deep in water, I open the door of my house and I know it’s a complete loss.”

Stephanie's wedding dress safe and sound

Devastated, Kyle made his way through his flooded home. The water was everywhere. He decided to post the walk-through on Facebook Live to show others what the flood had done. Stephanie was watching. She told CNN, “All the stuff we had just bought for the wedding – the plates, the napkins, everything – was just floating around Kyle’s house. Of course it’s only stuff and stuff can be replaced, but it was hard to watch because we struggled this past year to get everything together to make it happen. It was all just gone.”

But as Kyle made his way through the home, something amazing happened. He surveyed the damage, and eventually made his way upstairs. There, he found Stephanie’s wedding dress, still in the corner of the closet, just inches above the water. The dress was dry.

Stephanie and Kyle

Kyle lost lots in the flood, including irreplaceable paintings done by his grandfather — but the wedding dress is a small piece of hope. Still, he and Stephanie have postponed their wedding. He told CNN, “There’s a lot of work to do here, helping neighbors and helping our community. I need to find a place to live. I need to buy some clothes. All I have now is a pair of shorts, some underwear and my two fire department uniforms.”

Stephanie said, “We love each other so much. We’ll get married another day. We’ll be OK.”

Friends have set up a fundraiser for Kyle and Stephanie. You can donate here.

If you’re looking for ways to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, consider donating to the Red Cross, or take a look at these nine ways you can lend a hand.