Woman’s Wedding Dress Goes Missing. When She Tracks It Down, The Person Refuses To Return It

by Nadine DeNinno
Nadine is a writer and editor living in New York City. She has contributed to OK! Magazine, Star Magazine, The International Business Times and House Beautiful. She can name every celebrity dog on Instagram and enjoys ballet, music and a good pun.

Most women keep their wedding dresses forever. Whether tucked away in storage or displayed for all to see, it’s nice for a bride to have around in order to remember that special day.

Like most ladies, Rosalynne Plum kept her wedding-day dress because she felt “beautiful.” But then one day, the South Jersey woman’s gown went missing. Though she tracked it down, something very strange happened.

“It was perfect. It fit me perfectly,” she told local news station Fox 29 about her gown. “It’s a cream color. It has like beading all on the front of it.”

Plum said her mother helped her pick out the dress, which made it extra special, since her mom passed away a year after her nuptials.

Plum realized, however, that her dress went missing this summer. According to the bride, her mother kept it in a storage facility. Plum then inherited the unit when her mother died. But when she couldn’t afford the payments, the facility went up for auction, including everything in it.

After she finally tracked down the person who purchased the unit, someone came forward admitting to having her wedding dress.

After going back and forth on email, the person vanished.

“No response in months. Why not just say you didn’t have it? Why tell me you still have it and in another email say maybe could make an arrangement,” she wrote.

Plum posted a desperate plea on Facebook on the quest to get her dress back.

“I’m just begging for mercy from somebody that they’ve seen this wedding dress,” she said.

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