Music Cuts Out During Couple’s Wedding, Then Groom Pulls Out Sunglasses For Dance-Off With Bride

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Weddings are always unique. Every couple wants and needs something different, and that shows in just about every second of the big and meticulously planned day.

Whether it’s the flowers and the venue, or the guest list and the attire, there will never be any two weddings that are exactly the same. And that goes for the first dance, too.

When you think of a first dance at a wedding between the bride and the groom you might think of something completely different than I do. I usually think of a sappy song, with the mother of the bride crying, and the father of the groom smiling from ear to ear as the happy couple slow dances. But, that’s just me because that’s kind of what I hope to happen at my own wedding one day.

But, some people might think of a choreographed routine that’s upbeat and fun. Or no first dance at all! The possibilities are endless because it’s your big day so you can do whatever you want! And the couple below decided to do a little bit of everything.

As they slow danced together, everyone stopped to watch the magical and simple moment, but suddenly the music stopped and the groom took a pair of sunglasses out of his pocket.

That’s when everything changed. The first dance between the two of them quickly became a hysterical dance battle between the wedding parties, girls verse boys, and you can decide who won!

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