Wedding Crasher Steals All Of Newlyweds’ Gifts And They Open Guestbook To See Her Smiling Photo

by June Rivers
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Marilyn Shuman held her wedding reception at the Sunset Grill at Little Harbor in Ruskin, Florida. The special day was going just as planned.

But during the reception, Marilyn scanned her guests and noticed a woman whom she didn’t even know.

After continuing to stare at the unknown guest, the woman then approached Marilyn and told her she was checking out the the venue on her daughter’s behalf. The woman’s story began to change as she circulated the room; she told some guests she was there “looking for her husband” and others that she was actually invited.

As the reception came to a close, Marilyn and her husband went to collect their gifts — but the table was empty.

They assumed a helpful family member already gathered them up.

That’s when Marilyn remembered the mysterious woman. She asked the staff to review the venue’s security tape… and she could not believe what they uncovered next.

The wedding crasher was a thief who pulled off the unthinkable, or so she thought. Luckily for Marilyn, the criminal made one crucial mistake that the newlywed hoped would “seal her fate.”

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CORRECTION: February 5, 2018

An earlier version of this story said the venue was named Sunset Grille at Little Harbor. It is the Sunset Grill at Little Harbor.

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