Cold-Hearted Wedding Crasher Shamelessly Steals Newlyweds’ Gifts And Flees The Scene

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A Virginia Beach wedding went awry last month when a local woman snuck in and slipped several gift envelopes into her purse.

The gifts were, of course, intended for the bride and groom, who unfortunately might never see those gifts again.

At the time of the heist, newlyweds Rusty and Auttumn Waddell were too busy enjoying their wedding to notice anything suspicious going on. Auttumn’s mother, however, saw an unfamiliar face standing in front of the gift table. Wedding guests gave both the venue and the police a heads-up, but unfortunately the thief escaped. The only evidence?

The woman’s photo, snapped by Auttumn’s mom.

The surprising incident will forever stain the couple’s happy memories of their wedding, says Rusty.

“We’ll of course have the good memories from the party and hanging out with our friends and all that,” Rusty told WTKR-TV. “But it’s all going to lead down to the end of the night having to think back to the end of the wedding and someone stealing from us.”

“It’s pretty wild on a person-to-person level. I don’t understand how you could do that, especially at a wedding.”

The newlyweds hadn’t gotten a chance to open their own gifts before the envelopes were nabbed by the mysterious woman. Rusty and Auttumn are now tasked with contacting their wedding guests to try to figure out which gifts were lost.

Footage provided by WTKR Norfolk.

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