When Wedding Caterer Doesn’t Show, Groom’s Mom Runs Next Door And Begs Restaurant For Help

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A Michigan couple found themselves in the midst of a wedding disaster when their caterer fell through.

Amber and Benjamin VanSledright were thrilled to tie the knot on August 11. Their wedding caterer, though, thought the wedding was on August 18.

“All the details were planned and we had just finished with the photographs but we were waiting for the caterer,” Benjamin’s mother, Heidi, told WXMI.

With guests already arriving, the family faced an enormous dilemma: How would they feed their 150-plus guests?

“Our hearts sunk. We went into panic mode a little bit,” Heidi said.

Desperate, Heidi ran to the restaurant next door, begging for help. Sonder Eatery owner Nick Rusticus says he couldn’t resist the unusual request.

“It was kind of viewed for myself and the team as kind of a challenge,” Nick said.

In just 90 minutes, the Sonder Eatery staff put together over 150 meals. Nick says the kitchen scene was “like organized chaos,” but the staff managed to go above and beyond for the VanSledrights. They included a cocktail hour and vegetarian and vegan options. Impressive!

The rushed meals certainly did the trick. In a video chat from their honeymoon in Costa Rica, the couple told WXMI that they couldn’t be happier with how their wedding turned out.

“I hope they know what they did really saved our wedding,” Amber said.

“We can’t thank them enough. It made our day that much more special, that much more memorable,” Benjamin agreed.

The couple didn’t name the original caterer, but they did, thankfully, end up getting their money back.

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