Weatherman Freaks Out When He Sees A Large Spider On The News Feed

by Paul Morris
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It seems like, no matter how much we might know that airplanes are safe or that most spiders aren’t dangerous, there will always be those people who are utterly terrified of flying and will squash any spider they come across.

Those poor people with arachnophobia have a complete and utter fear of any creepy-crawly with eight legs. The mere sight of seeing one of these creatures move is enough to make chills go up and down their spines, and no matter where they are or what they’re in the middle of, if they see a spider nearby, that is what becomes the main focus.

That’s exactly what happened when weatherman Bryan Hughes was in the middle of his segment. Everything was going perfectly fine, but suddenly it seemed like there was a spider that had spun her web up near the lens of the camera.

The effect made it appear as if there was a giant angry spider on the weather screen.

Bryan instantly lost it on the air and screamed out a silly, “Jeez Louise!” The clip has understandably gone viral, and Bryan is happy to report that he (and even the spider) are all perfectly safe. Even though spiders keep away bad bugs like mosquitoes, it seems like they’ll always get a bit of a bad reputation.

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