Weatherman Slams Viewers On Live TV After Tornado Warning Interrupts New ‘Bachelorette’ Episode

by Amy Paige
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On May 27, 2019, the Ohio area was hit by a string of severe tornadoes. According to AccuWeather, the EF3 tornado that touched down in Dayton had winds of 140 mph and killed at least one person.

That evening, emergency weather coverage interrupted ABC’s newest episode of The Bachelorette. Jamie Simpson, the Fox 45 meteorologist, urged viewers to take heed of the dangerous situation while tracking its path.

However, local fans of The Bachelorette were less than pleased by the sudden interruption of their favorite show.

Within minutes, viewers were taking to social media to complain to the news station for ruining their Monday night plans.

During his reporting, Jamie checked his own social media and quickly became fed up with the countless complaints.

For example, one disappointed viewer tweeted: “Can u guys not interrupt the bachelorette? i don’t appreciate u ruining our viewing party to tell us useless information about a *POSSIBLE* tornado about an hour away from us!”

Jamie decided to try to teach the viewers at home an important lesson about priorities and public safety, and he ended up lashing out on live TV.

He later apologized to “Bachelor Nation” for getting so fired up, but he maintained his disappointment in those who “don’t care about other people’s safety.”

See the weatherman’s now-viral rant in the clip below.

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