Dryer Sheets: 14 Brilliant Ways To Use These Everyday Laundry Items

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Dryer sheets are incredible little products. Many people think the only way to use them is, well, as a laundry product.

There are actually a number of other ways you can use these scented sheets. Check out six of the most clever ways to use them!

  1. To clean stuffed animals: If your fluffy pal gets a little dirty, use a dryer sheet to sweep the dirt off the toy. Not only will it be cleaner, it will also smell good!
  2. To remove pet fur: Chances are, if you have a pet, their fur is everywhere. Instead of using a lint roller, use a dryer sheet to lift the hair from your furniture.
  3. To sharpen dull scissors: Scissors get dull pretty quickly, so if your scissors refuse to cut, wipe down each blade with a dryer sheet to sharpen it.
  4. To clean wineglasses: If your wineglasses have water stains on them, use dryer sheets to wipe them down.
  5. To freshen up stinky sneakers: Place smelly shoes in front of a box fan, and put dryer sheets on the back of the fan to make the sneakers smell nice again.
  6. To keep hairbrushes hair-free: Cut down a dryer sheet to size and press it over the tines of the brush. When it’s full of hair, simply pull the dryer sheet off and throw it away.

Check out the video below for eight more amazing ways to use dryer sheets outside of the laundry room.

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