Easy And Amazing Ways To Upcycle Old Milk Cans

by Ariana Seigel
Ariana lives in NYC but grew up in FL. She loves comedy, strong coffee, and impromptu performances by the mariachi bands on the subway.

For me, the weekend is the perfect time to start a crafting project. I personally like to use the free time to be as creative as possible with new DIY ideas.

There are so many simple ways to repurpose old items lying around my house with a DIY upcycle project — like these creative alternative uses for embroidery hoops.

And when I spotted these ideas for elevating old milk cans into Instagram-worthy pieces of home decor, I couldn’t wait to try them out.

These antique-looking cans easily transform into gorgeous home additions, like vases, lamps, or even funky bar tables. With just a bit of imagination and a few leftover milk cans, anyone can take these items meant for the farm and repurpose them into the perfect rustic element for your home.

Which of these milk-can DIY projects do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

This DIY-er was hoping to paint her can a bright color, but after accidentally letting it sit out in the elements too long, she realized that her milk jug had become the perfect wind-worn color to match her outdoor theme.

By adding a lampshade and some hardware, the top of this milk can was easily transformed into a rustic lamp.

With a fresh coat of paint and a steady hand, an old milk can made an adorable “welcome” sign for home guests.

The crafty DIY-er sawed off half of each milk can, screwed in bulbs, and attached them to a ceiling plank for this farm-worthy piece of lighting.

A cozy outdoor milk can table was easily constructed by adding a table top and a few coats for cherry red Krylon paint.

This DIY-er added some “Texas-style” touches to her old milk can to make a beautiful indoor centerpiece.

Etsy store designer French Velvet Horses hand-painted this vintage-looking design from a transferable printer sign she found online.

This couple used old milk cans as gorgeous outdoor vases for their rustic barn-themed wedding.

This eBay seller gave his old milk can a “crackling” finish by adding multiple layers of paint and allowing the top one to shrink.

One cowboy upcycled his old milk can, using it as the perfect canvas for his Western-inspired painting.

This DIY-er decided on a red mahogany stain for this adorable milk-can upcycling project, giving it the perfect “distressed” look.

Though the holidays have come and gone, this DIY crafter used a repurposed milk can to display her Christmas cactus and holly.

A smaller milk can made the perfect base for a bare-bones Christmas tree.

This craftsperson upcycled an old can and used a tractor seat to build a masculine-looking chair for his “man cave.”

With a few coats of paint and some creative spirit, old milk cans can be given a whole new life!

Which household items have you upcycled? Let us know in the comments.

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