14 Surprising Ways To Cook Eggs You Never Thought Of Before

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Eggs are, hands down, one of my absolute-favorite foods. I could eat them for literally every meal — they are so versatile and able to adapt to different flavors.

But I would have never thought of even half of the ways to cook eggs from the list below!

I usually stick to a simple scramble, but apparently I’ve been selling them short all these years by not adding some of these genius ideas into the mix.

Whether you’re in the mood for hard-boiled, poached, baked, or any other variety of the yummy traditional breakfast dish, you’ll definitely find plenty of new ideas from folks who have mastered making them taste their very best.

The only trouble I’m having is deciding which option to try first! Maybe I’ll just host an egg party to show off all of these ways to cook eggs to my friends and family members.

Take a look! I have a feeling you’ll want to whip up more than a few ASAP, too.

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1. Bake With Cinnamon

cinnamon baked eggs

Whether you’re going with a classic Italian recipe or simply baking them in muffin tins, adding a dash of cinnamon will give eggs a totally new level of flavor.

2. Bread And Fry After Poaching

deep fried poached egg

Give your runny eggs an extra kick of crispy, crunchy goodness by delicately rolling them in breadcrumbs and dipping into boiling-hot oil.

3. Poach With Broth

poach eggs in broath

Whether it’s vegetable, chicken, beef, or something more creative, like spicy chile broth, your eggs will be filled with so much more flavor.

4. Soft Boil And Brûlée

brulee soft boiled eggs

If you happen to have a blowtorch handy, you can slice them open and caramelize them with the flames to add a unique flavor and texture.

5. Hard-Boil In A Pressure Cooker

pressure cooker boiled eggs

Fans of this unique method for getting both soft- and hard-boiled eggs not only makes them easier to peel, but adds a better flavor and more appealing appearance.

6. Scramble With Seltzer Water

add seltzer to scrambled eggs

A splash of bubbles from the carbonated beverage will help your eggs become lighter and fluffier.

7. Bake In The Shell

bake eggs in oven

Alton Brown recommends this method of putting whole eggs — shells intact — into muffin tins and baking at 320 °F for about 30 minutes.

8. Poach In Vinegar Water

poach eggs with vinegar

Adding a splash of vinegar can help the egg white coagulate better and prevent messy breakage, which can be especially helpful for beginner poachers.

9. Fry Inside An Onion Ring

fry eggs in onion

This genius idea is perfect for creating perfectly circular eggs for yummy sandwiches. It also gives them a zingy flavor.

10. Scramble Then Hard-Boil

golden hard boiled egg

Place the egg in the middle of a towel or t-shirt, making sure it’s rolled up securely, then give it a good shake before boiling. You’ll have a beautifully golden hard-boiled egg.

11. Scramble With On-And-Off Heat

remove scrambled eggs from heat

Gordon Ramsay claims this method of alternately taking them off the heat, then putting them back on, along with constant stirring, is essential for perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs.

12. Purposely Undercook

undercook eggs

It might sound like odd advice, but Jamie Oliver explains that since the egg will continue cooking when you take it off the heat, this can help prevent overdoing them.

13. Poach In Red Wine

poach eggs in red wine

This will give your eggs a punch of flavor and coat them in a gorgeous burgundy hue — perfect for posting on Instagram before you chow down.

14. Scramble With Sour Cream

scrambled eggs

Several people add cream to their scrambled eggs to make them nice and fluffy, but using sour cream can make them even richer and give them a nice, tangy flavor.

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