5 Years After Perfect Wedding, Husband Wakes Up With A Frightening Realization About His Wife

by Barbara Diamond
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Life was good for Wayne and Sharleen Meyers. The couple from South Australia got married in 2004 and had four great kids, three sons and one daughter.

But on January 28, 2009, everything changed in an instant.

Wayne was working his shift as a forklift driver on a scorchingly hot day when he passed out from severe heatstroke and dehydration.

Sharleen couldn’t wait to see Wayne when he woke up in the hospital. She hurried into his room, ready to help him with the recovery process.

But that’s when her husband looked directly at her and said seven words she will never forget.

“So, I’ve been told you’re my wife.”

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h/t: Steven Trask for Daily Mail Australia

Life was good for Wayne and Sharleen Meyers.

The couple from South Australia got married in 2004.

They couldn’t have been happier!

Wayne and Sharleen had four wonderful children together, three sons and one daughter.

Wayne had a particularly close bond with his kids, and parenting always came naturally.

But on January 28, 2009, life for the Meyers family changed in an instant.

It was a scorchingly hot day. Wayne was working his shift as a forklift driver when he pulled over and passed out behind the wheel.

Doctors said Wayne suffered from severe heatstroke and dehydration.

When he woke up in the hospital, things took a bizarre and frightening turn…

Wayne woke up and had no idea he was married to Sharleen; he didn’t even know who she was.

Nor did he remember his four kids.

Wayne was stuck in the year 1989, with absolutely no recollection of anything that had happened since.

20 years of memories were wiped clean from his mind.

When Sharleen walked into Wayne’s hospital room, he looked at her and said, “So, I’ve been told you’re my wife.”

Doctors diagnosed Wayne with retrograde amnesia, which can be caused by extreme dehydration. According to The Human Memory, “Retrograde amnesia is a form of amnesia where someone is unable to recall events that occurred before the development of the amnesia, even though they may be able to encode and memorize new things that occur after the onset.”

While memory loss oftentimes restores itself over time, Wayne was struck with a very severe case.

After spending five days in hospital, Wayne’s mother assured him he could trust Sharleen to take care of him at their home.

Sharleen began the exhausting process of trying to help Wayne regain his memories. However, family photos and old home movies did absolutely nothing.

Sharleen and their four kids, then aged 15, 14, 12 and 10, turned to YouTube to help Wayne readjust to modern life. From “new” inventions like flat screen TVs to the tragic events of 9/11, Wayne was flabbergasted by all that had had happened in the past two decades.

Wayne wanted his family to tell him what his hobbies and interests were before the accident. His kids happily played him his favorite movies and showed him how to use his favorite tools.

Sharleen expected things would slowly return to normal, but Wayne’s memory never returned!

Still, something incredible began to happen as the pair spent their days together.

…Wayne fell in love with Sharleen, all over again.

Wayne eventually returned to work. In 2014, exactly 20 years to the day since they first met, he and Sharleen got remarried.

Their second wedding took place five years after the accident.

“It was very special,” Sharleen said. “No one gets to marry the same person twice.”

Over time, a brand new type of special bond was formed between Wayne and his children.

Now, the Meyers family is focused on future memories to be made.

“The only way we can cope is going on with the life and making new memories.”

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