Woman Opens Water Bill And Finds She Owes $1,800 Before Learning City Might Have Made A Mistake

by Lindsey Smith
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Denise Hornby didn’t think she used more water than the average resident of her San Diego, California, neighborhood — until she opened a $1,800 water bill!

Denise quickly called the city to make officials aware of the mistake, but they allegedly turned the blame on her. “You must be abusing the water or have a leak in your home,” Denise told KGTV San Diego of city officials’ explanation to her.

However, Denise wasn’t the only resident having this issue.

For months, residents all over the city have been hit with huge bills. KGTV reports in the video below that the city has admitted households have been “overcharged by an average of more than $300.”

The homeowner also received a shocking letter in the mail, which warned her that her water would be shut off on February 9, 2018.

Luckily for Denise, her water was not shut off, because the city’s water billing system is now under audit.

Denise is still looking into how she can settle the water bill after months of back and forth — and may even look into getting a lawyer. Her neighbors have even offered her their shower to use and she’s stocked up on bottled water just in case her water happens to be shut off.

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Footage and photos provided by KGTV San Diego

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