Elderly Man Clings Onto Stranger After She Jumps Out Of Car To Wrap Him In A New Coat

by Jess Butler
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You don’t see random acts of kindness like this one every day. And when you do, it just feels unlike anything else.

Christina Calvo was driving along when she spotted an older man walking alone in the cold. He only had a sweatshirt on, and there was snow on the ground. Once she saw him trekking down the street, she bought him a coat from a nearby store.

Then, she drove back the way she’d come to find him again, and he was still walking and freezing in the cold winter air. Next, she did something incredible.

In the video below, posted on December 19, 2017, Christina gets out of her parked car.

She holds the black coat in her hands and starts walking over to the man.

Then, she asks, “Can I please give you this coat?”

He replies, “Oh my God,” and turns so she can help him put it on.

Not only does she guide the man through slipping his arms into the warm coat, but she also zips him up!

In the end, Christina and the elderly man share a sweet embrace. No other thank-you can compare to this one.

What do you think of this generous surprise?

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