89-Year-Old Notices His Wallet Is Missing Cash, Then His Family Sets Up A Hidden Camera

by Paul Morris
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Peter Carpenter is a proud member of the greatest generation, and when you look at the medals he proudly displays, it becomes clear that he personally helped defeat evil during WWII.

But it turns out that there are actually some people out there who don’t seem to care much about this old war veteran. Instead of giving him the honor and respect he’s earned, there are those out there who have made his life a bit harder.

To make matters even worse, the person who betrayed his trust was someone you would expect to be truly honorable and caring: his nurse.

Carpenter needs some help from time to time, so he has an at-home nurse come every day to give him assistance and care.

But after a few months, he began to realize that his wallet seemed to be losing money. At first, he must have assumed he had just forgotten how much he initially had, but when it kept happening he started to become suspicious.

Eventually, his family decided to set up a hidden camera, and they were all aghast at what they saw in the footage. The second that Carpenter turned his back on his nurse, she quickly sifted through his belongings, found his wallet, and grabbed a few wads of cash.

When Carpenter saw the recording, he was heartbroken. He had let someone into his home, paid her to help him, and now it seemed as if he couldn’t trust anyone anymore! Carpenter even said that had she asked for money, he would have happily given her some. The nurse claimed that she didn’t even need money for much of anything; she even stated that she could have asked her husband if she really needed it.

The nurse eventually admitted to her crimes and is now doing community service. We can only hope that Carpenter will learn to trust people again, in spite of this horrible experience.

The worst thing about this story is the fact that it might make other nurses seem suspicious. But please know, most nurses are incredibly great, giving, and loving people. However, you should always be safe when you invite someone into your home. Hopefully Carpenter and his family can move on from this experience!

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