Man Spots Toddler With Baby Bottle Wading Alone In Flood, Realizes Parents Are Nowhere In Sight

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of the state of Texas, with many residents finding their homes completely destroyed by floodwaters and violent winds.

This woman even found a pair of huge alligators in her flooded backyard, as the reptiles were displaced by the storm.

And though the hurricane has done incredible — and at times, irreparable — harm to the state and its people, it always warms the heart that even in the middle of harsh circumstance, people are willing to do good things.

Renz Michael, the young man in the video below, suffered under Hurricane Harvey as well. While looking out his window at the floodwaters outside, he saw something shocking: a toddler, wandering aimlessly through the floodwaters.

She seemed completely alone, and to make matters worse, the toddler was wearing nothing but a T-shirt and her diaper. She clutched a bottle while wading through the floodwaters.

Renz didn’t hesitate. He ran outside and called to the little girl.

When she didn’t reply, he began to follow her. He asked, “Where are you going?”

The toddler, seemingly confused at his questions, just kept repeating that she was going for a walk.

Renz asked her where her parents were. She said they were nearby.

Renz didn’t let up — and thankfully so. Luckily, the video below answers all these questions — including where her parents were!

This situation, while scary, can happen to anyone with a curious toddler.

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