Dying Man Pleads With Strangers On Facebook To Adopt His Dog And Thousands Reply

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Walter Hollier has accepted the fact that he is going to die. After being diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, doctors only gave him three to six months to live.

Before passing away, Walter wanted to find a home for the younger of his two dogs, Doc and Diego. He’s kept the promise he made to his late wife before she died of breast cancer two years ago to take care of Doc.

“One of the last things she told me on her deathbed was, ‘Please take care of Doc,'” Walter told KVUE.

As for the younger Diego, Walter wanted to use his “borrowed time” to find a home for the dog before his passing. Walter went on Facebook to plead for help in finding the young dog a home. “It tears my heart out to lose him. But it would bring me great comfort when I die that he is well taken care of,” Walter wrote in his post.

Little did Walter know that more than 85,000 people would share his post and hundreds more would offer to adopt the dog. “My phone was ringing every six seconds,” Walter said.

Ultimately, Walter decided that Diego’s new home would be at an addiction rehabilitation center for men.

Walter admitted though that it was tough to say goodbye to his friend. “I cried all the way to the highway,” he said. “It’s way out of in the boonies, and I cried all the way out to the highway.”

At his new home, Diego has acres of land to run around on and he provides support for those at the center.

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