Man Doesn’t Know He Has A Brother Until He Discovers Best Friend Of 60 Years Has The Same Mom

by Jess Butler
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Walter Macfarlane and Alan Robinson have been best friends for 60 years. They have been through thick and thin together, and have always treated each other like brothers.

Little did they know, though, that their special bond actually went deeper than that.

According to WCVB, Walter decided to look up his ancestry online and made a very shocking discovery about Alan.

You see, Alan was adopted and didn’t know his background. So, he went to a DNA matching website. Soon, Walter found out that he and Alan both shared some major similarities in their DNA.

The big discovery? They shared the same mother!

All these years, Walter and Alan were biological brothers but had no idea. Instead, their relationship as best friends brought them together.

It was like the universe was trying to connect the two brothers no matter what.

They have since told their families and now, Walter and Alan are celebrating their unexpected relationship.

In the video below, posted on December 26, 2017, we see the best friends and brothers standing side by side. They look so similar in their childhood photos, and you can even see the resemblances in each other’s faces today!

Now, these brothers will have an even stronger relationship as they move on from being best friends to biological brothers, all while enjoying a fresh start together.

What do you think of this revelation?

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