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Woman Hears Whining From Stranger’s Car At Walgreens And Finds Greasy Puppy Nestled In Engine

by Jess Butler
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Robin Haas decided to stop by Walgreens one day to pick up some makeup for an interview. When she got there, she never expected to become a hero within a matter of minutes.

Once the welding instructor was outside Walgreens, she heard a strange noise coming from another car. Something was whining. Robin felt alarmed and obligated to figure out what was going on.

In the video below, posted on October 9, 2017, Robin explains, “There’s no mistaking that little puppy whine,” adding, “She started to hear me talk, and she got loud.”

Robin realized there was a small puppy stuck inside a nearby vehicle’s engine, and she had to get the helpless canine out.

So, she called a student from her welding program named Caleb Costner to come help and bring supplies.

In the video, Caleb says, “You got the serpentine belt right there on the motor. It’s tail, it’s leg, or anything could have gotten pulled into the belt.”

In the end, they pulled out the grease-covered puppy and found out that the owner of the car had driven around — unaware of the puppy’s presence — for 45 minutes with the tiny canine trapped inside.

Thankfully, the puppy is safe, and Robin plans on keeping her.

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Left Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Random Detail

Footage provided courtesy of WFAA Greensboro

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