Waitress Complains On Facebook That Church Didn’t Tip On $735 Takeout Order And Gets Fired

by Emerald Pellot
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Tamlynn Yoder was furious after delivering a $735 takeout order to a church and receiving no tip. The church, Christ Fellowship, had ordered 75 items off the menu.

“We take the order over the phone. We put the order together, take payment, and then take [the] order to the car,” Tamlynn told the Palm Beach Post. “It’s a lot of work — just as much as serving.”

She had to spend her entire shift preparing the massive order. This prevented the server from taking other orders, resulting in just $18 in tips for the entire day of work.

“Tips is how we make our money. We still make a low wage as servers,” she added.

When a member of the church came to pick up the order, Tamlynn put the food in their car and immediately noticed there was no tip. Frustrated, she posted on Facebook about the incident without mentioning the church specifically. However, a friend told her to delete the post, mentioning that he would call Christ Fellowship directly.

The church was extremely apologetic, claiming the person who picked up the order didn’t know they were supposed to tip. Christ Fellowship called the restaurant to apologize and make things right. Instead, Tamlynn was fired for breaking company policy that indicated employees aren’t allowed to post about work on social media. The restaurant even gave the church a full refund.

Still, Christ Fellowship wanted to make things right. They contacted Tamlynn and gave her the tip she had already earned.

“We did not call the restaurant to have her fired. We wanted to get the situation resolved,” said David Lonsberry, an executive director of business for Christ Fellowship.

Tamlynn was not deterred from the situation. She hopes to get another serving job and even open her own restaurant.

“One day,” Tamlynn says. “I love this business.”

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