Retired Lady Stiffs Waiter On Bill, Then He Returns The $424K Check She Accidentally Left Behind

by Amy Paige
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Armando Markaj has worked as a server at Patsy’s Pizzeria in East Harlem for the past nine years. Recently, he was working his lunch shift when a female customer raised her concerns over the pizza shop’s notorious photo wall, which is filled with portraits of patrons and memories of years past.

“Why are there not many women on the wall?” she asked Armando.

Unsure of what to say, Armando responded with what he thought was a joke: “Well, maybe women don’t eat pizza. Summer is coming.”

It seems the woman was not satisfied with his answer — because after she finished her lunch and left, Armando cleaned off her table and realized she didn’t leave a tip. She’d totally stiffed him.

She also wrote a snappy message on the bill: “Well, women don’t tip, either.”

But that wasn’t all she left behind. Armando noticed a bank envelope sitting on the table. He peeked inside and couldn’t believe what he saw.

Inside the envelope was a cashier’s check with the woman’s name on it, worth $424,000.

At this point, Armando could have put the lost check at the bottom of his list of priorities. Despite the woman’s failure to tip him, he bolted outside to return it — but she was already gone.

A few days later, Armando and his manager realized she still hadn’t come back to Patsy’s to claim her check.

That’s when they took their kindness and selflessness one step further, leaving her completely shocked.

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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