Samsung Invents Way For Mothers To Help Premies Feel Like They’re Still In The Womb

by Emerald Pellot
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Every year, 15 million premature babies are born. That means 15 million mothers give birth and then go home without their newborns.

Infants born premature are more likely to have stunted growth and development. Part of the reason for this is being removed from the mother’s womb too early. Without the sound of Mom’s voice, the comfort of her womb, and the echo of her heartbeat, premature babies’ may have slower brain growth and development.

Samsung’s new powerful campaign “Voices of Life” follows one new mother and her heartbreaking detachment from her newborn premie. Only able to touch her little one through glass, Mom is anxious, concerned for the health of her child, and all the more fearful when she has to retreat home without her daughter.

This is where Samsung’s new powerful device comes in, invented by the father of a premature baby no less.

Much like a baby monitor but more advanced, a tiny white box is put in the premie’s incubator. Using her phone, Mom is able to record the sound of her heartbeat and voice. The white box then plays the recordings so that they sound as if they are coming from the womb. This simple “wombifying” brings comfort to the mother but also gives the premie a chance to develop more stably. Technological lingo aside, the video is a tearjerker. It’s hard not to feel the pain this mother is going through as she awaits her daughter’s fate, and it’s hard not to breathe that sigh of relief with her as she is finally able to communicate with her baby all the way from home.

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