Toddler’s Skin Starts Changing Color And Doctors Say Her Battle With Meningitis Caused Vitiligo

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When she was just 16 months old, Aria Ellison got meningitis. According to SWNS, Aria was rushed to the hospital and managed to beat the meningitis. She was back home two and a half weeks later.

Aria, who also has cerebral palsy, recovered from her meningitis scare — but just a few weeks later, her mom, Alicia, started to notice something unusual on her daughter’s body.

According to the Daily Mail, parts of Aria’s body were changing color. In particular, her mom noticed white patches developing on her daughter’s skin.

As time went on, the patches on Aria’s skin became bigger and started spreading more rapidly. When Alicia took her daughter to the dermatologist, the tot was diagnosed with vitiligo.

Although vitiligo isn’t exactly uncommon, the cause in this case is pretty surprising. According to SWNS, doctors believe that the stress of battling meningitis, combined with all the medical tests Aria underwent, brought on the vitiligo.

Aria’s mom told SWNS, “I had no idea that the meningitis could have caused vitiligo, and it is still baffling to me now, but I have stopped boggling my mind trying to figure out why. It didn’t happen overnight, but now I am focused on how to help Aria live the best life possible.”

Alicia told SWNS that Aria does get “a lot of looks” when they’re out in public, but that the most important thing is that her baby girl is happy and healthy — which she is. Alicia said, “She lights up every room, and so long as she is smiling and giggling, I’m happy.”

The loving mom has also started a foundation for her daughter and other kids like her, called Aria’s Planet. The foundation aims to provide “fine art therapies through aftercare for special needs children,” according to their website.

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