This Crazy Singer Had A BIG Surprise For The Audience. When You Hear It, You’ll SCREAM!

by Caroline Bayard
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Do you remember that scene in the movie The Fifth Element when the blue alien diva sings the opera song “Il Dolce Suono?”

Well, get ready to meet the male version of her. His name is Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyav, but he goes by “Vitas” and, even though you probably haven’t heard of him, I just learned that he’s really, really famous around the rest of the world.

We recently shared this video of a performer on Thailand’s Got Talent, who shocked the world when she sang both the male and female parts of a duet. This video is basically the other way around, only when Vitas hits the extremely high notes, it’s even more shocking!

Apparently Vitas is a budding TV star in Russia, but his musical breakout happened when he started performing the song in the following video, “Opera #2.”

As you can see, Vitas has incredible range as a vocalist — five different octaves to be exact. For someone like me (who can barely sing on key), this is really unbelievable, but I think everyone can agree that he is truly a one-of-a-kind artist.

Want to hear another incredibly shocking voice? Check out the enormous voice that comes out of this tiny little girl!

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