Viral Video Alert! Amazing Performer Shows Off His Perfect Lip Sync Talents

by Paul Morris
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Everyone has a special talent in life. Some people might be good at singing, others at drawing, some are better at selling cars, and others are the best roof-repairers in the world.

But while everyone in the world has a special talent, we’ve never seen something like this guy is capable of before!

It turns out that this guy, Luciano Rosso, is easily one of the most talented lip sync “singers” in the world, and when you watch his video, you’ll easily see why his face is going mega viral! This talented man started his life in dance, and it’s clear that his facial expressions were meant to be on the stage.

It seems like he’s perfectly memorized during every single moment of the 1954 song “Gopher Mambo,” which he’s singing to.

Every single little breath, every guttural expression, and it even honestly looks like he’s actually hitting those impossibly pitched high notes. This man is a true performer and entertainer in every sense of the word, and we’re so happy that his abilities are finally getting spread all around the world.

Our favorite moment is when he wiggles his tongue around at the :50 mark; we really can’t imagine how many times Rosso had to listen to this catchy song before he finally felt confident enough to film himself making all of those goofy faces. What an entertainer!

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