Cop Sees Pregnant Mom Sleeping On Street With Daughter, Then Snaps A Photo Before Booking Hotel

by Emerald Pellot
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Officer Tommy Norman of North Little Rock, Arkansas, saw them while on patrol: a pregnant mother sleeping on the sidewalk with a 2-year-old nuzzled on her chest.

They were homeless. Tommy snapped a photo of them in a bid to get the family some help.

“I passed the sidewalk in the middle of my patrol area, and then I see a baby stroller but I didn’t see anyone lying next to the stroller,” he said.

Tommy turned to discover mother Jessica with her daughter Kayla sound asleep.

“Kayla was laying asleep on Jessica’s chest, and it’s something I’ve never seen before,” Tommy said.

The officer got the family a hotel room, then shared their story on Instagram. That’s when something amazing happened. People from all over the country began sending in food and necessities for the budding family of three.

“It’s amazing how many people have stepped up to make a difference to change this family’s life. Hopefully, this family now realizes how many people around the world love them,” Tommy said.

Jessica and Kayla are excited to have a safe place to sleep. In the meantime, Jessica is consistently filling out job applications so that she can provide for her two children.

Tommy says he feels like they’re family now, and that he was meant to drive down that street in order to help Jessica get back on her feet and start anew.

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