Viral Superstar Little Girl Dances With The Rockettes

by Paul Morris
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Audrey Nethery is one of those amazing people who has been put on this planet just to inspire as many people as possible and to touch the hearts and lives of anyone who has ever thought of giving up whenever an obstacle came in their path.

Six-year-old Audrey suffers from Diamond-Blackfan anemia, a life-threatening bone disease that causes fatigue, weakness, and many other life-altering symptoms. But while Audrey has to fight every single day of her life, that doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves: dancing!

While she still has to rest in between her amazing dance routines, she’s since gone full viral and can be found in countless YouTube videos dancing in the cutest way possible!

Not only is little Audrey about as beautiful as possible, she’s also incredibly inspiring to anyone who has ever had to struggle for their goals in life. Little Audrey might be fatigued before, during, and after her dances, but she still works up the energy in order to perform for the adoring crowds.

But when Audrey was informed she’d get to dance with the New York City Rockettes on none other than The Rachel Ray Show? She was just overjoyed at the prospect! This little girl has managed to achieve her life goals by the age of six!

With an attitude like that, Audrey will be able to do whatever she wants in life. As long as she has her loving family and millions of fans, we’re sure that she’s going to do some pretty amazing things in her life!

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