Mom Calls Cops On Violent Teen So They Use ‘Scared Straight’ Tactic And He Instantly Changes

by Amy Paige
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Officer Brandon McGhee of the Jeffersonville Police Department in Indiana received a phone call from a concerned mother whose 13-year-old son was acting violent and out-of-control.

The boy allegedly attacked his mother’s boyfriend, threatened to destroy their home, her car and their lives in general. “Like every situation, you never know until you get there,” Officer McGhee warned the cameras.

The officer and his parter arrived to the family’s home With the camera crew from A&E’s “Live PD” in tow. From the start, it was very clear the officers were not going to be intimidated by the unruly boy no matter what. It was also clear he had little respect for his mother or her boyfriend.

After assessing the situation and speaking to mother and son separately, the officers got him on his feet, handcuffed his wrists and placed him in their squad car. Little did the teen know they were brilliantly setting up a scene that would scare him straight, while using the power of the boy’s mother in their clever tactic.

“If you don’t have Mom, who do you have?” Officer McGhee asks him.

It’s amazing how quickly the misbehaving child changes his tune.

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