20 Vintage-Style Dresses From Amazon That Flatter Everyone And Cost Under $50

by Karen Belz
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It might sound crazy, but the last two dresses that I’ve bought for weddings came right from Amazon.

As someone who used to love to shop for these types of things in person, I can’t help but admit that shopping online for dresses is just so much easier. If I absolutely hate it, I can return it. But thanks to the honest comments from others who’ve tried the dress, and who have posted photos as proof, that rarely seems to happen.

Even if you’re the type of person who has a stack of Amazon boxes outside your house on a daily basis, Amazon may not be your first choice when it comes to clothes.

But it wants to be. Plenty of people were in disbelief after Amazon sent out an apparel-heavy catalog, just in time for the holidays. The online retailer wants to get in the game, and it is more than qualified.

The best part about the dresses I bought was that they were basic enough to wear again, yet reasonably priced. But had I wanted something a little more fun and flashy, Amazon would have been there for me as well. It has a surprising selection of cute vintage dresses, many of which don’t cost an arm and a leg. Since you probably have a ton of holiday parties to attend, it makes sense to stock up now so you have one less thing to worry about.

Here are some of the best vintage-style dresses you can get on Amazon today.

Small Cherry Halter Dress


This 1950s-style dress will be the talk of every party. While the halter makes it a little more appropriate for a spring or summer outing, it can still be paired with a cardigan for the colder months.

Shop Now: DRESSTELLS Vintage 1950s Dress, Black Small Cherry ($19.99 to $26.99 on Amazon, depending on size)

Green Lace Cocktail Dress


Looking for the perfect Christmas dress? Forget red and focus on green this year, especially since a lace dress like this one can also be accessorized to stand out for weddings, baby showers, or other family events. The style may be vintage, but lace is also very in right now.

Shop Now: Freeprance Vintage Lace Cocktail Dress in Emerald Green ($21.99, Amazon)

Retro Rockabilly Dress With Red Polka Dots

Retro Rockabilly Dress With Red Polka Dots

Everyone looks good in polka dots. This retro rockabilly dress from the 1950s currently has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Customers of all sizes found it to be flattering, noting that the fabric was built to last. Since it’s such a great price, you might want to stock up.

Shop Now: Wedtrend Women’s 1950s Retro Rockabilly Dress ($23.99 to $29.99 depending on size, Amazon)


Purple Polka-Dot Dress


For a vintage look that’s slightly more subtle than some of the brighter dresses on this list, Dressystar has a design that’s meant to resemble a prom dress or cocktail dress from the ’50s and ’60s. The dress has an elasticated back that makes it even more stunning, and it’s comfortable for all sizes. Currently, 76% of Amazon users have given it 5 stars.

Shop Now: Dressystar Vintage Polka Dot Retro Dress in Burgundy Black Dot ($10.99 to $25.99 depending on size, Amazon)

Black 3/4-Sleeve Evening Dress


If puffy skirts aren’t your thing, this vintage evening dress may be an ideal fit. The dress is more form-fitting but still looks nice on all types of bodies. Many Amazon customers have admitted that it’s a great way to show off your curves but still be completely appropriate for formal functions.

Shop Now: MUXXN Women’s 1950s Vintage Dress in Black ($29.99 to $32.99 depending on size, Amazon)

Tea-Length Yellow Dress


Not too many people gravitate toward yellow anymore, which is odd. The color is cheerful, bright, and welcoming. This tea-length vintage dress from DRESSTELLS will make everyone’s day. The dress itself is also a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon.

Shop Now: DRESSTELLS Vintage Tea Dress in Yellow ($23.79, Amazon)


Orange Sleeveless Button-Down Dress


This dress will make you look confident while also keeping you comfortable. Made by Wellswits, customers have found its waistband to be very flattering on most body types. Plus, orange was a popular color a few decades back, and it’s due for a complete comeback.

Shop Now: Wellwits Button-Down Vintage Dress ($15.99 to $23.98 depending on size, Amazon)

Vintage-Style Butterfly Dress


This swing dress is perfect for an outdoor spring wedding. Amazon reviewers claim that it’s flattering and comfortable, especially with its elastic back. It’s also great for a pinup shoot, in case you want an excuse to get some pictures taken.

Shop Now: Oten Women’s Vintage Butterfly Dress ($1.99 to $26.99 depending on size, Amazon)

Houndstooth Dress With Tie


Houndstooth is a classy pattern that was reportedly made fashionable by Christian Dior back in 1948. This particular dress will impress everyone. It even has sleeves to help keep you warm if your party venue is outside.

Shop Now: Oxiuly Women’s Vintage Bow-Tie Dress ($22.99 to 28.99 depending on size, Amazon)

Green Sleeveless Pencil Dress


This vintage-style pencil dress is extremely flattering based on its different neckline. If olive green isn’t your color, it comes in plenty of others. Most Amazon reviewers have fessed up to buying more than one.

Shop Now: Retro Sleeveless Pencil Dress ($29.99, Amazon)

1940s Black Sweetheart Dress


This dress is inspired by a dress from the 1940s, and can easily be dressed up or down. It comes in a variety of colors, but black is your best bet for formal events. It has 4.5 stars on Amazon, and women of all sizes haven’t been afraid to gush about all of the compliments they’ve received.

Shop Now: AISIZE 1940s Sweetheart Peplum Dress ($34.99, Amazon)

Black and Red Rockabilly Dress

Black and Red Rockabilly Dress

Rockabilly style was big in the ’50s. Consider bringing it back with this gorgeous black and red dress, which is modest yet fashionable. Not only is this dress pleasing, but black dresses, in general, will help you stay confident.

Shop Now: Gardenwed 1950s Rockabilly Dress ($22.99 to $27.99 depending on size, Amazon) 

Floral Wrap Dress


Floral prints will always be eye-catching. This wrap dress from MINTLIMIT will accentuate everything you want to accentuate and can be worn for multiple occasions.

Shop Now: MINTLIMIT Vintage Wrap Dress ($15 t0 $28.59 depending on size, Amazon)

Polka-Dot Dress With Pink Bow

Polka-Dot Dress With Pink Bow

Customers who bought this dress said it reminded them a little bit of June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver — and they’re not wrong. This dress is both sweet and stylish, and people will assume you got it right out of a vintage clothing store.

Shop Now: Nihsatin Polka Dot Dress ($12.99 to $29.99 depending on size, Amazon)

Off-the-Shoulder Red Dress


If you’ve always wanted to rock an off-the-shoulder dress, this one should be in the running. Made by Belle Poque, it’s inspired by the 1950s. If red isn’t your color, this overall style is available in plenty of other patterns.

Shop Now: Belle Poque Off Shoulder Dress ($9.88 to $27.99 depending on size, Amazon)

1940s Keyhole Dress


This dress is great to dress up or dress down. While the mustard color screams vintage, it also comes in royal blue and green. The keyhole design is all it needs to stand out.

Shop Now: Wellwits Keyhole Bow Tie Dress ($15.99 to $24.98 depending on size, Amazon)

Navy 1950s Polka Dot Dress


This dress from GownTown contains a slightly heavier fabric, meaning that it’ll stay comfortable all day and night. You’re bound to get a lot of compliments on the stylish short sleeves, as they’re not like most other dresses.

Shop Now: GownTown Vintage Dress ($35.98, Amazon)

Green Checkered Dress


Summer might be a little far away, but it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it early. This checkered dress is light, airy, and complimentary. Even better, it has pockets — so it’s functional, too.

Show Now: Wellwits Lapel Checkered Dress ($17.99 to $24.98 depending on size, Amazon)

Purple A-Line Vintage Dress


This pretty ’70s-inspired dress is sleeveless and a great choice to wear to work. Plenty of reviewers have even stated that they’ve bought a version in every color, based on how good they feel in it.

Buy Now: Belle Poque A-Line Dress ($19.99 to $26.99 depending on size, Amazon)

Polka Dot Cocktail Swing Dress

Polka Dot Cocktail Swing Dress

The one negative about this great retro dress? You’ll have to size up, as it doesn’t follow traditional American sizes. But once you do, you’ll be glad you did. This dress finds a way to be both modest and sexy.

Shop Now: Polka-Dor Cocktail Swing Dress ($16.99 to $26.99 depending on size, Amazon)

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