11 Vintage Photos Of Schoolhouses, School Children, And Their Teachers

by Grace Eire
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Back in the day, small schoolhouses used to be the norm for education not only in America, but across the globe.

In rural areas, it didn’t make sense to have anything more than a room — or at most, a few — for teaching students. A single teacher would often lead a class full of boys and girls, covering multiple age ranges and abilities. Schoolteachers were often very young themselves, about 19 or so.

Can you imagine being just 19 and in charge of educating a room full of students at different stages of life and levels of proficiency?

It certainly wasn’t an easy job. Teaching these days is still one of the most difficult jobs out there. Teachers are incredible humans — superheroes, really!

These 11 photos of vintage schoolhouses, the children who spent their days learning in them, and the teachers who dedicated themselves to the education of the town are all stunning. Looking at the faces of these people from the past, and the simple classrooms they shared, makes it easy to connect with them, even though many of their names have been lost to history.

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This photo of a schoolhouse from 1885 is rare and fascinating. The town of Tubac, Arizona, was finally large enough to build a schoolhouse in 1885. This one kept expanding for many years and was in use until 1960.



The drinking fountain outside of this small schoolhouse in Michigan required students to pump for themselves.



While the date of this photo is unknown, the size of this class from Michigan is pretty darn impressive.



This 1930s schoolhouse in Tennessee is chock-full of children ready to learn everything that they can.



Taken circa 1905, this small class of students and their two teachers stand outside their one-room schoolhouse.



Taken around 1898, far outside of Denver, this little log schoolhouse is quite small. But when you’ve only got a few kids in town to teach, that’s all you need.


country road

This gem on the side of a country road in Indiana is pretty much everything you’d expect to see in a quaint little schoolhouse.



This class of Canadian students in 1929 is looking quite sharp in front of their schoolhouse.



I wish I could see the inside of this schoolhouse. The ceilings are so tall, and those windows are so big and bright. I bet this was a great place to learn in 1900.


new mexico

These students in Taos County, New Mexico, all looked very, very excited to learn back in 1941.



Erma Castle, a 19-year-old school teacher, stands with her pupil, Edwin. This shot was taken in 1919 in front of Rentschler Country School, Lodi Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

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