Vintage Prom Dresses: 13 Looks Ladies Sported Back In The ’50s And ’60s

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

While today’s teens gear up for the annual spring dance with “promposals” and narrowing down the perfect frock, it’s fun to take a look back at all the vintage prom dress styles young ladies rocked back in the 1950s and ’60s.

In fact, I think today’s teen girls could still totally turn heads at their shindigs with these stunning options. Sure, some of the examples below may be a little poofier than modern girls prefer, but you have to admit those looks still have plenty of charm! In fact, I wish I had found something like #4 when I was in high school.

It’s also fascinating to think about how many of the young girls on this list made their own dresses from scratch rather than heading to the department stores.

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1. Pretty In Pastel

vintage '50s prom dresses

I love the short sleeves on this pair of pretty ladies!

2. Tea-Length Lace

vintage prom couple

This gown from 1957 is a total classic with the ribbon around the waist.

3. Ruffled Up

vintage '50s prom couple

If you look closely, you can see that the ruffles continue all the way to the top of this strapless stunner.

4. Layers Of Lace

vintage '50s prom dress

I love how the pattern shifts from the huge circle on the front to the layered lace at the back.

5. Red-Belted Beauty

vintage '60s prom dress

That pop of color with her dainty white gloves seals the deal.

6. Tiered Taffeta

vintage '60s prom king and queen

You have to admit, she definitely looks the part for her new royal title!

7. Bohemian Chic

vintage '60s prom couple

This couple from 1969 is already showing the influence of hippie culture that grew even more popular in the next decade.

8. Teal Time

vintage '60s prom dress

I can totally see a young lady rocking this beautiful floral lace bodice and silky skirt to her dance today.

9. Lacy Shoulder

vintage '50s prom couple

This dress from 1957 reminds me of the one Frenchy wears to the dance in the movie Grease!

10. Silky Smooth

vintage '60s prom couple

That petite bow in the middle adds the perfect amount of cuteness to this classy gown.

11. Buttoned Up And Down

vintage '60s prom couple

You can see some Asian inspiration behind this chic navy dress.

12. Tulle-ing Around

vintage '50s prom couple

How precious is that delicate layer of lace on top?

13. Classy Caplets

vintage '60s prom dresses

I love the hairstyles this pair of besties picked out for their 1968 dance, too!

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