Run-Down 1900s House Is Being Sold For Dirt Cheap — But Has Absolutely Gorgeous Bones!

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

When it comes to buying a house (or just browsing the real estate listings in the paper), we all have a few criteria that we look for.

Some people want all new appliances, while others are looking for a nice, big garden; it all depends on the needs and taste of the buyer.

Still, no matter what we’re looking for in an ideal home, I think that inside all of us is a secret renovator, who dreams of finding a diamond in the rough, and giving it plenty of TLC to turn it back into a beautiful home!

After all, it’s not a practical choice for everyone, but the popularity of renovation TV shows demonstrates how much we all love watching an unloved home restored to its former glory!

And if you are in the market for a home to fix up, then we might have discovered the next project on your list — a beautiful old Victorian in Montrose, PA, on the market for $169,900.

Check out the gallery below to see the great bones hidden in this neglected old house!

This beautiful Victorian house was built in the town of Montrose, PA in 1900.

It’s easy to see that it was once a spectacular classic home, complete with a gracious front porch and dramatic detailing on the facade.

Unfortunately, a house that large is quite a challenge to keep up, and in recent years, it has fallen into neglect.

The stately lawn remains beautiful manicured, but the house itself is in dire need of loving restoration.

In addition to the porch, the silhouette of the house is defined by dramatic bays on the sides of the home.

It’s also easy to see the remains of a once-pristine paint job; the house is painted white, and the trim and roof are green, but all paint is weather-worn and chipped.

Inside, the house is no less lovely, and no less careworn, showing its age and its gracious bones.

From the inside, the bay windows let in a flood of light over the dining room table.

The furniture, still in place, could use refinishing, but is still in lovely shape, while the hardwood floors and water-damaged ceiling both need a bit of attention.

Meanwhile, there’s a pristine fireplace and built in mirror that look nearly untouched.

Fireplaces with built-in decoration are a major theme of this house.

For example, the next room is in a similarly rough state of repair, but the fireplace is truly spectacular; it’s made of a light wood like cherry and it’s intricately carved along the edges.

Three mirrors are built in over the mantel, while the fireplace inside is ringed with contrasting tiles in blue and yellow.

Meanwhile, the interior is similarly lined with a dramatic motif.

The front hall of the house is in particularly tough shape, but it reflects what must have once been a gracious entryway into the home.

The shabby remains of a William Morris-esque wallpaper in pale green reflects what would have once been a very beautiful country home.

Meanwhile, the hardwood staircase ushers us up to the second floor with a lovely carved wooden bannister.

Perhaps the most gorgeous piece in the whole house is a dramatic neo-Gothic stand-up piano.

The spectacular instrument shares space in a parlor-type room with an antique sewing table and a chest of drawers, but stands out as a truly gorgeous piece.

The wood of the instrument is intricately carved and layered, with drawers built in below, and two small end tables built in on either side of the keyboard.

Though we imagine it needs tuning and restoration, it’s a truly impressive piano.

The six bedrooms on the second floor and tucked under the eaves are in need of paint and refinishing, but are otherwise empty.

The bathrooms, on the other hand, remain complete with many old pieces of plumbing.

This washroom, for example, is fitted with an old-fashioned claw footed tub, which would certainly look beautiful restored and refurbished with new plumbing.

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