Doctors Say Girl Born With Legs Bent Backward Will Never Walk, But She Proves Them All Wrong

by Amy Paige
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Three-year-old Victoria Komada was born in Poland with bilateral tibial hemimelia — a severe birth defect that resulted in deformed legs and missing bones.

Victoria grew up experiencing a constant wave of discomfort and pain. Her mother, Marzena, could no longer bear to see her daughter suffer.

Doctors in Poland told Marzena that the only option was to amputate both of Victoria’s legs, but the family refused to believe there was no other alternative.

Determined to find a better treatment, Victoria’s parents eventually found Dr. Dror Paley, the only surgeon who said he could indeed help Victoria walk again.

The surgeon’s initial plan was to fix Victoria’s left leg and amputate her right leg, then reconstruct her leg with the use of a prosthetic.

But this seemingly ideal solution posed two big problems for Victoria’s family.

Not only was Dr. Paley’s office located over 5,000 miles away in West Palm Beach, Florida, but the groundbreaking surgery would cost Victoria’s parents a whopping $235,000.

The desperate family shared their story online, leading to an unexpected outpouring of support that has allowed Victoria to exceed all the odds.

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