Victoria Beckham And Daughter Harper Channel Her ‘Spice Girls’ Past In The Sweetest Way

by Angela Andaloro

Victoria Beckham has always seemed to be just a little embarrassed by her pop star past. The former Spice Girl seems to have come to peace with it, however.

Even her family is embracing her Posh past.

In a recent Instagram post, Victoria broke out the famous Posh peace sign and a slip dress. Posed with 9-year-old daughter Harper, she captioned the picture, “Kisses from posh and baby posh โœŒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•.”

The mom of four has come a long way from being one-fifth of the Spice Girls. Today, she’s a fashion icon in her own right, with designs adored around the world. From the looks of it, no one enjoys it more than Harper, who seems to have inherited her mom’s passion for fashion.

This isn’t the first time Victoria and the rest of the Beckhams have brought up her days in the girl group. It seems they’ve all had some fun with it recently.

Victoria Beckham has definitely got a mini-me on her hands! Harper Seven Beckham is growing up. The 9-year-old seems to want to follow in her famous mom’s footsteps, taking an interest in all things fashion and, of course, girl power.

Victoria recently shared a super-sweet mirror photo of herself and Harper. In it, the two are wearing monochromatic slip dresses that are truly some of the greatest things to have come out of ’90s fashion. Victoria sticks out her signature peace sign.

Kisses from posh and baby posh โœŒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•,” she captioned the shot.

Harper is no stranger to her mom’s pop star past. Just last year, she posed for a photo alongside images of Victoria and former bandmate Mel C. She even completed the pose with a peace sign of her own that was too cute for words.

Harper isn’t the only Beckham who gets a kick out of revisiting Victoria’s pop star past. David Beckham has always been proud of having met his wife during that part of her life. He jokes about it every so often. It most recently came up during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

During the appearance, James takes over a spin class and David participates in it. Naturally, James chooses “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls as one of the tracks for the class to spin to. David immediately breaks out into a shy smile. At the end, David sings along to the track.

David also remembered first laying eyes on Victoria in one of the group’s music videos. He shared the story in celebration of their anniversary, along with a collage set to “Say You’ll Be There.”

Well about 23 years ago I was sat in a room with Gary Neville and the spice girls were on the TV and I turned around to him and said ‘ohhhh I like that one in the little black catsuit’ ๐Ÿ˜„ who would have thought that all these years later we are celebrating 21 years of marriage and have 4 of the most beautiful and perfect kids… Thank you & Happy Anniversary I Love You โ™ฅ๏ธ.”

The couple’s 17-year-old son, Romeo, also got his mom to channel her Posh side on his TikTok. The mother and son dance around the kitchen while “Spice Up Your Life” plays in the background. Victoria has all the enthusiasm of her days on the stage, and she looks happy to relive it with her kid.

It’s only in recent years that Victoria seems more at ease with poking fun at her past. In a hilarious 2018 video for British Vogue, Victoria brought back some of her iconic Spice Girls looks for the retrospective on her iconic fashion taste. It’s so refreshing to see her have so much fun with it.

Victoria breaks out the latex black catsuit she swore she’d never don again. Then, she shares her vision for the shoot with a confused British Vogue editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful.

“What I want, what I really, really want,” she says, “is me, four other women โ€” one, sporty, bit of an athleisure direction, another one that’s younger, pink, pigtails. One that’s very glamorous, full-on leopard print, and then another one that’s super, super sexy: big boobs, red hair, that kind of thing.”

Later, she tries to ease Edward’s mind. “I’m giving you everything. All that joy can bring. This I swear. And all I want from you is the promise that … you will at least give it a shot,” she tells him. “Spice up your life, Edward. Just spice up your life.”

Chances are, it won’t be long until we see Harper take her own steps into the fashion world. After all, Victoria trademarked the little girl’s name when she was just 5 years old. A teeny part of us hopes that her rise to the top also includes something a little silly and a little fun, like the Spice Girls was for Victoria. That would certainly spice up all of our lives.