Old War Buddy Donates His Kidney To His Best Friend

by Paul Morris
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Vietnam veteran Bill Warner and John Middaugh formed a bond that will truly last a lifetime. 47 years ago, these two young men first met while training to fight in the dreaded jungles of Vietnam.

After fighting side by side in this deadly conflict they forged a bond that will never be broken no matter what comes between them. That’s because 47 years after they first met, they now share more than an emotional bond, they’re sharing an organ!

It turns out that Warner was suffering from kidney failure; he’s been fighting several health maladies lately, so when he went through a special heart bypass surgery last summer, his kindeys suddenly failed.

Since then he’s been waiting on kidney dialysis, praying for a miracle. His relatives weren’t a positive match, and he was having trouble finding anyone. But it seems as if that miracle was a bit closer than he ever could have dreamed!

After a few tests they realized that of all the people in the world, Middaugh was a good fit. “I’d give an arm and a leg for him, why not a kidney!” he said. Without hesitation, Middaugh offered his old war buddy his kidney, citing that Warner would do the same thing for him.

The two always stayed in touch no matter where they lived. They both had successful careers and both raised two daughters and one son. While a lot has happened since those days fighting the enemy one thing has always remained; their unbreakable bond of friendship and love.

The two are expected to make a full recovery after some well-deserved rest. After that, they’ll be off to the golf course!

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