Scammer Steals $17,000 From Purple Heart Veteran. But When Strangers Find Out, They Rally Online

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Ronald Eason is a Purple Heart veteran.

He has a prosthetic leg and lung cancer, so he needed work done on his home that would make life a little easier on him. Ronald and his wife hired a contractor to help them renovate their garage into a bedroom and bathroom so Ronald wouldn’t have to climb the stairs.

Shockingly, the contractor scammed the disabled veteran, walking away from the job with $17,000 in their pocket and no work done on the home.

Ronald said the scamming was rough on him because he’s not used to needing help from others. He wants to be able to do things on his own, but that’s hard for him now.

A local news station, Fox 46 Charlotte, got wind of the story and shared it on their station. When Ronald’s community heard about this terrible incident, they reached out to offer their support.

Purple Heart Homes, an organization that builds accessible homes for veterans, reached out to Ronald. So did Robbie Hawk, a man who offered to travel and build him a wheelchair ramp free of charge. From all across the world, people are coming together to offer the support and help that Ronald and his wife deserve.

Police are still searching for the scamming contractor, who could be charged with swindling and theft.

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