Fallen Soldier’s Family Gets Envelope, Opens It To See Picture Of Him With Daughter He Never Met

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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For many families of fallen soldiers, nothing can replace their lost loved one.

Vietnam veteran Michael Reagan knows that just as well as anyone, but he does his best to bring comfort to the families who have sacrificed everything for their country.

In 2003, the family of a fallen solider reached out to Michael, who is an artist. He created a portrait of their soldier, and decided not to stop. Today, Michael spends all his time drawing portraits for the families of service members lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He does this at absolutely no charge.

According to FOX 11, Michael, age 70, spends over 10 hours a day creating these portraits. Afterward, he takes a five-and-a-half-mile walk to reflect on the life of the soldier who gave their life for his country.

Michael says, “I try to walk myself out of a broken heart so the next day I can draw another one and break my heart all over again.”

Michael will draw anything, from a reproduction of a beloved family photo to a portrait of a father with the daughter he was never able to meet.

Through his art, Michael has found a wonderful way to give back to those who are sacrificing everything for us.

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