Dying Veteran Tells Care Giver He Loves Her Motorcycle, Then She Plans Surprise Ride For Him

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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For many bikers, a ride on a motorcycle is an everyday thing and might not be that special.

But for Wayne Whisler, a Vietnam veteran on hospice, one ride meant the world to him.

Wayne is being treated by Hillcrest Nursing and Rehab Center while living out his remaining time on hospice. One day he told his care giver, Theresa Flynn, how much he loved her Harley.

He thought nothing of the comment, but Theresa set to work on doing something special for the man in her care.

She reached out to a local biker club, contacting Muskegon Motorcycle Club member Vic Martin and she planned a special surprise for this veteran.

Wayne’s wife, Judy, told WZZM, “Ever since we were married he has had a motorcycle. When he got sick he couldn’t ride anymore. He hasn’t really said much but he loves this — I know he does.”

The club got as many bikes out as the could and loaded Wayne up for the ride of a lifetime, as you can see in the video below. These bikers are amazing! Just like the 200 who stepped up to help a little boy that was being bullied in school.

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Footage provided by WZZM Grand Rapids.

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