Veteran Waits Hours On Side Of The Road To Spend ‘Just One Minute’ With The Rock

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Anyone that is a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows that the man loves his fans and does everything he can to show them that.

I’ve been a fan of The Rock since I was a little kid, back when he still wrestled for a living. But now he is a man of many talents, with acting and producing under his belt.

Many people truly adore him, as The Rock came from very humble beginnings, which he constantly speaks about and tries to help others who lived like he did.

It’s not surprising to hear about fans who spend their entire day waiting to meet him. He sounds like the best celebrity to meet!

One unnamed veteran spent hours waiting on the side of the road hoping to catch The Rock’s attention in-between filming scenes for Jumanji. Even if he got just one minute with The Rock, he believes it would be worth it.

The veteran held up a sign that caught The Rock’s attention when he drove by, so he quickly stopped to say hello. He shared the encounter on his Facebook page, with this caption:

“Great meeting you brother and thanks for showing me those old pics from when I got my first tatau here in Hawaii. I appreciate all your kind words and more importantly I appreciate all you do for our country. Make sure you and your family come to our big military show #RockTheTroops in a few weeks. And for me personally, chance meetings like this will always be one of the coolest parts of fame. Thank ya Universe.”

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Thumbnail Photo: Facebook/Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson

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