Army Veteran Awarded $500 Shopping Spree To Spend On His German Shepherd

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

When our men and women in the military leave home, they’re very often not just leaving friends and family behind, but also beloved pets who miss them just as much.

Army Veteran Abner Gonzalez enlisted the help of the non-profit Dogs On Deployment during his service, and the organization was able to take care of his German Shepherd, Sophie, while he was away.

Abner thought that he was speaking to WXYZ-TV about the non-profit and its work while shopping at a pet supply store, but little did he know that he was brought there for an entirely different reason. Sophie was there with him, excited to have her human friend back at home!

During the so-called “interview”, the veteran was caught off-guard when the store, Pet Supplies Plus, presented him with a giant $500 check! In partnership with the store, the non-profit wanted to thank him for his service and give him a special “welcome home” gift.

But the check wasn’t just any old check  it was a shopping spree specifically for his German Shepherd! The store and the organization wanted to give him a special way to celebrate his homecoming with his beloved pet who had to spend so much time away from him. Now that they’re back together, he can spoil her with new toys and other treats!

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