Use Your Leftover Food Scraps To Create A Robust Vegetable Garden

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald Pellot graduated summa cum laude from New York University with a degree in Writing & Popular Culture. She worked as Senior Editor of College Candy for 2 years, covering feminism, popular culture, and college life before joining LittleThings in 2015. Based in New York City, Emerald covers a wide range of topics from human interest pieces to celebrity news.

One of the more environmentally friendly ways to get rid of old food scraps is to compost them. I’d say that this is an even better alternative!

What Cobi Kim does with her leftovers is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s very friendly to your wallet. Cobi shows us how to turn our leftover fruits and veggie scraps into a garden. This is great for so many reasons. The scrap garden gets rid of our leftovers, reduces our waste, and turns into more food for us to munch on. Not to mention, if you’ve ever bitten into a fresh tomato versus one you’ve bought from the store, you know there’s a huge difference between fresh produce and the kind that has been shipped in from overseas or miles away.

If you haven’t set up your garden yet, you can learn how to set up a vertical garden here. From pineapples to onions, all you need is a piece of the vegetable and a glass of water. After a few days, the vegetables’ roots will begin to sprout, making it easy to plant in some soil. Then all you have to do is wait, harvest, and enjoy. Watch Cobi’s detailed tutorial, which’ll have you saving money and eating healthier in no time!

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