This Cheese Has A Secret Ingredient — And For One Very Heartwarming Reason!

by Cassandra Morris
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In every country, for thousands of years, the art of cheese making has been studied, practiced, and passed down — and it’s not hard to understand why: Cheese is absolutely delicious!

Whether on a cracker or between bread — whether sharp, stinky, or soft — cheese is perfect for any meal or occasion, and it’s nationally beloved.

So when I heard about the Californian cheese that’s currently going viral, I knew I had to figure out why — and what I found absolutely shocked me!

After experiencing nearly 20 years of financial success and local acclaim, Julian and Carol of The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats have created a goat cheese that’s causing quite a stir, and it’s all because of a very special recipe.

However, this recipe hasn’t become famous because of any secret ingredients — but because of the essential ingredients it’s totally missing.

This is one story you certainly have to read from start to finish to truly understand — but I think you’ll be glad you did.

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Here at The Sanctuary At Soledad Goats, owners Julian and Carol have enjoyed a very idyllic life.

goat cheese

Surrounded by their many goats, horses, pigs, chickens, and dogs — all of which are rescues — their lives have been very fulfilling.

goat cheese diy

Through donations, sponsorships, and market sales, this happy couple has been able to give their sweet animals an equally fulfilling life.

goat sanctuary

But aside from happy animals, The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats is famous for one other very special thing: their handmade goat cheese.

sanctuary at soledad goats

In their city of Mojave, CA, Julian and Carol are widely known for their fine and various cheeses, all made on their happy sanctuary — and by their very own rescued goats!

vegan cheese

After 20 years of cheese-making and many awards, this couple has certainly perfected the art of homemade dairy products. From yogurt to blue cheese, their rescued goats have helped to support the sanctuary's funding and well-being.

vegan cheese

But one day, Julian and Carol realized something shocking: as they looked into the faces of their sweet animals — all with their own unique personalities and friendships — they realized they no longer felt good about their goat cheese products.

homemade goat cheese

From day one, as they state on their website, "It has always been about the animals." For years they'd been rescuing sick, neglected, abused, and abandoned animals — and now, their cheese business no longer felt right.

vegan goat cheese

That's when the couple made a life-changing decision: They and their entire sanctuary — including its award-winning cheese — would go vegan.

vegan goat cheese

This meant that Julian and Carol would no longer use or consume any animal meat or products — including eggs, milk, and even honey. Naturally, this would drastically alter the way they made and sold their cheese — but they knew this was something they had to do.

goat cheese

Using nuts, and the milk obtained from the nuts, they would have to completely reinvent the way they made cheese. "We are replicating the quality of cheese that we have been successful in producing with the goat’s milk — smooth texture, fresh ingredients — and made in the artisanal way with care, consistency, and passion."

diy cheese

As advocates for smaller, compassionate, and more responsible farming, Julian and Carol no longer felt right breeding and milking their precious animals — who never felt like livestock, but rather like family.

goat farm

As Julian and Carol said to the Mercy for Animals blog: "We have always treated our animals with love and gentleness. Anybody who visits the farm can see that. But being a dairy farm at all is still adding to the problem."

vegan recipes

"We have always tried to help by rescuing animals. We love our animals so deeply," they continued. "The thought of them ever being hurt is unbearable. Now, by not breeding, we can save animals from cruelty, not compound it by bringing more into the world."

how to go vegan

And though it was a very scary decision for the couple — and they now refer to their sanctuary as a "farm in transition" — the outpouring of praise from their many fans and customers has been huge.

how to be vegan

Now, Julian and Carol can look at their precious rescue animals and feel good. At their sanctuary, not a single animal will have to work; they will simply enjoy a loving home.

how to be vegan

And though some of their longtime customers are sad they'll no longer get to enjoy "the best cheese in all of California," as they often say, Julian and Carol are hopeful their vegan cheese will gain just as many fans.

sanctuary at soledad goats

But even if it doesn't, "The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats" is happy just to provide their lovely animals with peace, security, and love. After all, isn't compassion more important than profit?

sanctuary at soledad goats

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h/t: Mercy for Animals